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Bob Arlotta

Owner/Master Technician
Has been running and working at Long Hill Auto Service since 1986, and has been working in the Automotive field since 1980. Graduated with honors from the Lincoln Technical Institute.
  • 2008 Nation Wide NAPA ASE technician of the year
  • NAPA/ASE Technician of the Year 2001 - 2007
  • Member of the Board of Directors for the Vehicle Maintenance Commission
  • Graduate of General Motors Training Program
  • 3 years General Motors experience
  • MAC Certified in Auto Air Conditioning
  • New Jersey State Certified to Perform State Inspection

4 Time Specialist:
  • Advanced Level Specialist
  • Under car Specialist
  • Alternate Fuel Specialist
  • Parts Specialist

3 Time Master:
  • Master Automotive
  • Master School Bus
  • Master Medium/Heavy Truck

31 ASE Certifications: Automotive (A1 - A9):
  • A1 - Engine Repair
  • A2 - Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
  • A3 - Manual Drive Train and Axles
  • A4 - Suspension and Steering
  • A5 - Brakes
  • A6 - Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • A7 - Heating and Air Conditioning
  • A8 - Engine Performance
  • A9 - Light Vehicle Diesel

Consultant: (C1)
  • C1 - Automotive Service Consultant

Fuels (F1):
  • F1 - Light Vehicle Compressed Natural Gas

Advanced Electronics (L1 - L2):
  • L1 - Automobile Advanced Engine Performance Specialist
  • L2 - Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis Specialist

Parts (P1 - P2):
  • P1 - Med/Hvy Dealership Parts Specialist
  • P2 - Automobile Parts Specialist

School Bus (S1 - S7):
  • S1 - Body Systems and Special Equipment
  • S2 - Diesel Engines
  • S3 - Drive Train
  • S4 - Brakes
  • S5 - Suspension and Steering
  • S6 - Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • S7 - Air Conditioning Systems and Controls

Truck (T1 - T8):
  • T1 - Gasoline Engines
  • T2 - Diesel Engines
  • T3 - Drive Train
  • T4 - Brakes
  • T5 - Suspension and Steering
  • T6 - Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • T7 - Heating, Ventilation and A/C
  • T8 - Preventative Maintenance Inspection

Exhaust (X1):
  • X1 - Exhaust System Specialist

Shawn Antoine

Has been working at Long Hill Auto Service since 2006.
Graduated from Lincoln Technical Institute in 2003
ASE Master Certification
NJ Emission Repair Technician
ASE certified in the following fields:
  • Brakes
  • Electrical
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Manual Transmissions and Drivetrain
  • Advanced engine performance
  • Engine Repair
  • Auto Transmission/Trans Axel
  • Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Engine Performance
  • Light Vehicle Diesel Engines
  • Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Tech
  • Gasoline Engines
  • Diesel Engines
  • Electrical/Electronic System
  • Master Hybrid
  • Engine Repair

MAC Certified A/C Technician
AAMCO Certified Master Technician
4x4 and Differential Specialist

Nick Arlotta

UPDATE: Our Resident Success Story!!

Snap-On Truck

Nick has now graduated from Rider University with a degree in business and went on to Snap-On training. He graduated from Snap-On training in October of 2016, and has purchased his own franchise in November of 2016. We are very proud to say he is now our Snap-On dealer, as well as the dealer for most of the shops in our surrounding area.

PAST POSITION - Apprentice
Young Nick
Attending Rider University majoring in Business. After graduating college he will be attending Snap-On institute of Automotive Tool and Equipment Technology, to hopefully own his own franchise. He will be providing service to our techs at Long Hill Auto with the tools and equipment to service cars and trucks that come into Long Hill Auto Service along with shops and dealers in the area.

Vincent Arlotta

Currently attending Rider University and working part-time as a Technician at Long Hill Auto. Vincent plans on graduating Rider University with a major in business and a minor in Prelaw. Upon graduation he then plans on receiving Automotive training at Lincoln Technical Institute to some day work in some aspect of the Automotive Industry, either on the technical or legal end.

Gabrielle Arlotta

Is currently attending Fairfield University pursuing a career in journalism, while working part time as the bookkeeper for Long Hill Auto Service. She was an apprentice at Long Hill Auto in her younger days as she knows the working environment because she did some light repair as an apprentice at that time.

Warren Vetter

Consultation Manager
Warren Vetter is the consultation manager and helps out from school while he attends Seton Hall University. He places stock orders and does off site activities while away at school. He jumps right back in to his position when he returns back home for any reason. His position is to help the technicians keep the shop clean and organized so the technicians can repair the vehicles more efficiently, and the shelves are well stocked. He is an important part of the Swiss watch mentality of the shop to keep things moving and organized.

Klay Vetter

Senior Property Manager
Assistant Property Manager
Younger Klay
Klay has taken over his brother Warren's position as Senior Property Manager. He has been a major asset to the company, his extensive experience and knowledge of the position makes him extremely productive. He has been part of the Long Hill team since he was a young child, and it has been a pleasure to see him grow with our company.

Ryan Humes

Senior Technician
Ryan Humes
Ryan is currently studying Automotive Technology at UTI after graduating from Passaic Valley high school. He has been apprenticing here since high school and is working his way up to become a seasoned technician.

Guillermo Quizphe

Senior Technician
Guillermo Quizphe

Dylan Palmarozzo

Junior Technician
Dylan Palmarozzo
Dylan graduated from Lincoln Tech back in 2018 after studying the basics of being a Diesel Mechanic.


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A friendly community oriented business!

, 05/05/2024

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This was my first experience with Long Hill Auto Body and I can confidently say it's a gem!! Without ever meeting me, Bob (owner) went out of his way to help fix a problem with my daughter's car and was so generous with his time and the advice he offered (problem solved). You can see this business runs like a well-oiled machine and Bob is the heart behind it, a genuine and caring owner who puts customers first. For my family, there's no question...we've found our trusted auto shop. Thanks again Bob and everyone at Long Hill Auto Body!

, 04/06/2024

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I called to have a photo inspection for my car and I called and the person answering phone was polite and told me when to come over. When I got there I was greeted and helped right away. They did my inspection quickly and I was on my way. Very pleasant gentlemen working there!

, 04/06/2024


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