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Our repair paint & refinishing services include:

  • Complete Vehicle Detailing
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  • Paintless Dent Removal
  • (PDR) is a process that reforms metal back to its original condition without affecting the paint finish. We can save you hundreds of dollars over conventional body shop repairs. A typical PDR repair can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost of traditional body shop repairs.

    How Is The Dent Removed?
    The process generally starts by cleaning the panel and analyzing the damage. Every panel is a different challenge and every dent has a preferred access point. The dent is accessed by placing a tool behind a dent through a windowsill, wiring loom, headlight, removing door panels, creating a hole, etc. The tool(s) are then used to apply just enough pressure to remove the dent without affecting the painted finish. By moving the metal behind the dent and using a reflective light source a technician can then find his tool to correctly remove the dent with results typically 90 to 100% success.

    Why Would I Use PDR? There are great advantages to using Paintless Dent Removal!
    Cost: A dime size dent in your car door can cost up to 3-5 times as much to repair at a body shop as opposed to the inexpensive alternative
    Time: Paintless Dent Removal can be accomplished typically within a short period of time rather than leaving your vehicle at a body shop for numerous days.
    Retain Value of Your Car: Paintless dent removal keeps your vehicle original rather than being filled with putty and repainted.
    No Repainting: Your car will not require being repainting. Typically after-market paint will not last as long as factory paint, and there are no worries about possible mismatched paint, runs, over spray etc.

  • Pin Striping
  • Pin striping is the application of a very thin line of paint or other material called a pin stripe, and is generally used for decoration. The goal of pin striping is to enhance the contours of the surface, and the lines are generally of a complementary color. In automotive body work, pin stripes are a thin vinyl tape or paint. The tape versions are adhered directly to the painted surface in the pattern desired, while painted ones are done by skilled artists with various brushes. Pinstripes are commonly painted in two colors: one that sets off the body color, and another, thin line, in a color contrasted with the stripe to make it stand out. We offer both 3M Vinyl and Custom Painted Pinstriping. Pinstriping adds flair to your vehicle and gives it that extra style that many auto enthusiasts look for! Give us a call any time for pricing and for further information!

  • Window Tinting
  • There are numerous reasons why people love to tint their car windows. First and most importantly, it gives your car an extremely sleek and dynamic appearance. Our tint provides 99% U.V. protection, which prevents yours cars interior from fading, while protecting passengers from dangerous UV rays. Window tinting also gives a bit of added security for your auto, since a potential thief is less likely to disturb something they cannot see. Also, in the event of an accident, window tinting actually helps hold shattered glass in place, helping to prevent injuries as a result of sharp glass splinters. Please feel free to contact us at Denville Detail for pricing information as prices vary according to vehicle. Laws regarding window tinting vary state to state; however, tint on the front driver and passenger windows is illegal in the State of New Jersey and will not Pass State inspection. ?Dollar for dollar, window tinting is one of the best aftermarket investments to improve the looks of your car and to help protect your interior.?

  • Windshield Repair
  • Long Hill Auto utilizes modern technology to repair rather than replace a damaged windshield.
    What is Windshield Repair?
    A damaged windshield is often the result of a rock being picked up from a passing vehicle?s tire and tossed into oncoming traffic. When it strikes your windshield, it creates a chip in the glass. Left untouched, the chip will often continue to crack until it reaches the edge of the glass. When this occurs, the vehicle becomes unsafe to drive and the windshield has to be replaced.
    Windshield repair stops the chip from spreading, restores the strength, and in the process, improves the appearance.
    Types of cracks:

    How can my windshield be repaired?
    Long Hill Auto uses a process that typically leaves the finished repair nearly invisible. First all loose glass is carefully removed from the point of impact. This opens a passage into the break. Then, an injector is mounted on the windshield directly over the damaged area. The injector creates a vacuum that sucks the air out of the break and then injects a formulated resin into the break, filling it completely. It is then exposed to an ultraviolet light, which cures the resin. That is the final step, which ultimately restores the structural integrity and clarity of the damaged area.
    Benefits from Windshield Repair:
    -Repairs windshield rather than need to replace
    -Repair is a fraction of cost of windshield replacement
    -Keeps the damage from spreading
    -Environmentally correct option, no waste!
    -Most repairs will clear up about 90-95%

  • Paint Protection Film
  • Protect your investment! Everyday your car's paint is under siege from stones, rocks, bug acids, road debris, and bad weather. There is now a solution to help prevent these elements from hurting your vehicles? beautiful paint job. Paint Protection Film Products are made from Avery? Paint Protection Film which is a rugged eight mil (.008") clear Urethane plastic employing a clear-coat finish for maximum shine. This durable, adhesive backed material has been tested both in the field for more than ten years as well as applied at many of the major auto manufacturers in rock chip prone areas with incredible results! Never before has a product been invented that provides so much protection with such low visibility. The clear protection 8mil urethane film is adhered with Avery? high performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive that ensures excellent long-term contact to OEM paints. Now with the Clear Pro clear bra your worries of unexpected paint chips caused by hazardous road debris are eliminated. Our clear bra is an essential form of protection for all new or like new vehicles. Each of our kits are designed specifically to fit your vehicle, and are manufactured from transparent high impact films manufactured by Avery Dennison. We can install all paint protection Films within 1 day. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions!

  • Remote Starters
  • Wouldn't it be nice to be able to start your vehicle from the comfort of your home or office? By the quick touch of a button your car can easily be warmed up, free from frost and snow so you can get on the road without having to scrape windows and sit in a freezing vehicle. Also, during summer months a remote start can make your car nice and cool before hitting the road in extreme temperatures. Wel only use Audiovox starters, as they are the world leader in remote starts consistently providing the industry with the highest quality and reliable products.
    -(2) 1-Button mini code-hopping transmitters
    -Up to 1,000 feet of range
    -Factory alarm bypass
    -Parking light flasher
    -Push and hold unlock
    -Glass mounted superheterodyne antenna/receiver
    -Selectable 20/15/10 or 5 minute remote start run time
    -Safe start RF control (Double push of the transmitter)
    -On-board ignition relays
    -Car finder mode (Flashes parking lights)
    Please call for pricing information as it varies from year, make and model of vehicle.

  • Interior Repair
  • Does your car have a cracked dashboard, cracked door panel or console, tears or cigarette burns in your seats or carpet? Well, here is your chance to put the value back in your car and do something about it. These repairs give your interior a better appearance without having the high cost of seat, dash, and console replacement. Interior Repair is an inexpensive alternative that is also better for the environment as it reduces the demand for plastics and fibers. Each year, thousands of tons of plastics are disposed in landfill sites. These products are not bio-degradeable and can pollute landfills for hundreds of years.
    Reusing one ton of plastic:
    -Saves 5,774 kWh energy
    -Saves 16.3 barrels (685 gallons) of oil
    -Saves 98 million Btu's of energy
    -Saves 30 cubic yards of landfill space
    (Source: Waste Management)
    Please contact us for more information as repairs are based on a per case basis!